Need Dirt? Sign Up For Our

Free Fill Dirt Program

As part of our recycling program, Ace Hauling and Junk Removal provides free, clean, fill dirt anywhere in San Diego! Sign up below and we will contact you to discuss delivery details when dirt is available. Dump zone must be leveled.

  • Minimum delivery is 10 cubic yards (15’ x 8’ x 2’)
  • Level area and 10×10 clearance required for drop-off (consider low hanging branches and driveway inclines)
  • Your information is stored in our system for 30 days
  • You may resubmit your request every 30 days
  • Clean fill dirt is not meant for planting or topsoil use (it may contain a minimal percentage of rocks, concrete or weeds.)
  • We can also provide mulch, top soil and gravel

This is an online service only. Email us with any questions. (No fill dirt phone calls accepted. Thank you in advance for your understanding.)

    Free Fill Dirt